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Solution provider, offering a managed systems service, customised e-commerce solutions. We leverage on the robust cloud infrastructure to provide a cost effective and scalable solution ..

About Us

Innovative Technology company focused on delivering ecommerce solutions

Bluetawny Business Network

The BueTawny Secure Business Network aim to provide cost beneficial ICT services and products


Featured:Elmina RiskEngine

The Elmina market suite is a financial platform consisting of a number of applicatons providing Trade capture, Market risk and quantitative analysis, Market movement charting and Alerting.
Elmina is developed around SOAP and therefore is very flexible, allowing for re configuration to support a number of Market products and derivatives.

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Products And Services

  • Application Development

    The BueTawny Secure Business Network aim to Bluetawny develop business aligned application to enable automation of administrative processes involving HR & Payroll, Accounting and Finance.rovide cost beneficial ICT services and products.

  • Makola Trader

    Electronic Trading Platform for  Agricultural Commodities. Contact for information.

  • Bluetawny Biz Network

    To find out how this could benefit your business please contact us at